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John Byrne Cooke


Information About Prints

This general information is provided as a resource for those who may be interested in digital prints and traditional darkroom editions in the future, should they become available.

Please read about the types of prints that were available and then contact us by email according to the directions that we provide below.

The digital images shown on this Website can't hope to capture the tonal range or brilliance the images exhibit when their full potential is realized in a top quality professional print.

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Collectors Edition Prints

Archival Digital Prints

Archival digital prints are made by digital photo printers using pigment-based inks with great longevity. (Artists have used pigment-and-oil paints for centuries.) John's Archival Digital Prints are printed on premium photo papers that have been rigorously tested, in combination with pigment inks, for exceptional longevity. Black and white prints use carbon and pigments to achieve exceptionally fine degrees of grayscale.

The resolution of these digital prints is indistinguishable from chemical (traditional darkroom) prints. Digital technology allows for very fine control of tonality in both color and black-and-white images to produce outstanding photographic prints.

Print Sizes

Prints are available in two paper sizes:

These collectors edition prints, both black-and-white and color, are available in limited editions of 30. Each paper size, 11x14 inches and 16x20 inches, constitutes a separate edition. Prints are archivally mounted on museum-quality acid-free four-ply mat board.

Longevity: John's Archival Digital Prints are printed on an Epson Stylus Pro 3880 printer with Epson's Ultra Chrome K3 inksets. Epson's longevity rating for images printed on appropriate papers is over 100 years for color images and 200 years for black-and-white images. These ratings have been confirmed by Wilhelm Imaging Research.

Traditional Darkroom Prints

Black and White Gelatin-Silver Prints

These prints are made by fine-arts printer James Syme, of Tucson, Arizona, on the highest quality professional black-and-white photographic papers, and are selenium toned for maximum longevity. Prints are archivally mounted on museum-quality acid-free four-ply mat board.

Print Sizes

Prints are available in two paper sizes:

Please Note: At the Photographer's discretion, some images may not be available in a 16x20 edition. In rare cases, due to technical problems with the original negative, you may be notified that an image is available only in a digital print edition.

These black-and-white collectors edition prints are available in limited editions of 30. Each paper size, 11x14 inches and 16x20 inches, constitutes a separate edition.

Platinum - Palladium Prints

Certain of John's images are available in limited-edition platinum-palladium prints.

Platinum and palladium are exceptionally inert silver-white metals that remain unaffected by exposure to light and resist interacting with chemicals in the air. Making a platinum-palladium print is an exacting four-step process and each print is unique. These prints reflect the light almost as if the image itself were glowing. John's printer, James Syme, is an experienced platinum-palladium printmaker.

Platinum-palladium prints printed on 8x10 or 11x14 Platine rag paper are available in editions limited to 25 prints.

Economy Digital Prints

Economical digital prints are available as an alternative to the Collectors Edition Prints. The resolution of these prints is indistinguishable from the more expensive prints offered above. John Byrne Cooke's economy digital prints are printed on premium photographic papers. Properly framed and displayed, color prints can be expected to remain lightfast for 18-25 years or more, black and white prints for considerably longer. (These the longevity estimates are based on results obtained by Wilhelm Imaging Research, from their accelerated ageing tests.)

Print Sizes

Prints are available on two paper sizes:

Print editions are open-ended. Prints are numbered and signed by the photographer and the date the print was made is noted. If ordered matted, prints are archivally mounted on museum-quality acid-free four-ply mat board.

How To Order

To Order or inquire about an image, please email us:

JohnByrneCookeLLC "the at sign" gmail.com

...your full name and the following information:

of the image you're interested in. We will let you know about the availability of the print.

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Publishers, Editors, Film / TV Producers:

To inquire about licensing any of the images presented on this site, or others that may be available of the various subjects, please see our Licensing Information.

Janis Joplin images: The use of images of Janis Joplin for commercial purposes is controlled by the Janis Joplin Estate. To inquire about commercial use of Janis's image, please email Kenny Nemes: kenny@jamincla.com. If you are interested in using one or more of John Byrne Cooke's photographs of Janis for a commercial product, please include that information, including image number(s) and title(s), in your inquiry.

Also available - Janis Joplin video: While traveling with Janis Joplin as her road manager, John Byrne Cooke filmed Janis and her band members on Fuji Single-8 film. This film has color superior to Kodak Super-8 and is undimmed by the passage of 40 years. John's footage provides a unique and intimate view of Janis offstage as well as on. Approximately 98 minutes of this film has been transferred to video in scene-by-scene wet-gate transfers by Brodsky & Treadway of Rowley, Mass. For licensing, Beta SP copies will be provided. The film will only be licensed to film and television producers with projects in active production.

The footage is available for consideration on two window-dub DVDs. To inquire about viewing and licensing this footage, please first read the Licensing Information page and use the link there to send your inquiry.

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