John Byrne Cooke



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Also available - Janis Joplin video: While traveling with Janis Joplin as her road manager, John Byrne Cooke filmed Janis and her band members on Fuji Single-8 film. This film has color superior to Kodak Super-8 and is undimmed by the passage of 40 years. John's footage provides a unique and intimate view of Janis offstage as well as on. Approximately 98 minutes of this film has been transferred to video in scene-by-scene wet-gate transfers by Brodsky & Treadway of Rowley, Mass. For licensing, Beta SP copies will be provided. The film will only be licensed to film and television producers with projects in active production. For information about viewing and licensing this footage, please email the requested information (above) about your company and your project to: JohnByrneCookeLLC "the at sign"