John Byrne Cooke


Current Projects

John continues to photograph artists at work, including musicians, actors, dancers, writers and graphic artists. He is also working in video, both original video and editing long-delayed film projects based on 8mm film he shot in the 1960s-80s, now transferred to video.

Invitations and Commissions: John will entertain invitations to photograph performing artists (musicians, dancers, actors - see "The Committee" gallery) and other creative individuals in the course of their work, within the guidelines set forth below. Terms are negotiable, and may not involve the payment of a fee. John will consider invitations or commissions to photograph other subjects on the merits and conditions of each proposal.

Guidelines: John works exclusively with available light. He does not use lighting equipment and he does not do studio work. To the greatest extent possible, his goal is to capture a reality that is not influenced by the photographer. His technique is to be an unobtrusive presence, scarcely noticed by the subject. When cloaking technology becomes available, John will attain his life's dream of becoming the Invisible Photographer.

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